Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a referral to make an appointment? +

No. We welcome all families. However, if you do have a GP referral you may be eligible for Medicare or Private Health rebates.

What kind of treatment and therapies are available? +

We provide the full suite of support – educational psychology, neuropsychology assessment, clinical psychology, speech-language therapy, behaviour therapy, school readiness assessments, child development assessments, and education advice to help you navigate learning and behaviour challenges within the school systems.

How much does it cost? +

Consultation and assessment fees depend on whom you are seeing and for what purpose. Please contact the clinic for more detail.

Can I claim Medicare and/or Private Health? +

You may be eligible for Medicare or Private Health rebates if you have a GP referral or referral from a medical specialist. Mental Health Care Plans entitle the holder to a rebate for 10 sessions per calendar year.  Chronic and complex needs may be eligible for an additional 5 allied health consultations per calendar year. Check with your GP to determine eligibility (the patient must need the services of at least two medical or allied health professionals).

Most private health insurance funds provide rebates for psychology and speech-language pathology services. Check with your fund for details of your coverage.

What is the duration of each consultation/session? +

Length of consultation depends on whom you are seeing and for what purpose. Please contact the clinic for more detail.

What does an assessment involve? +

Assessment tools will vary depending on the case. It is not a one size fits all approach. If the assessment is for a child, the clinician will generally see the parents first to take the case history and to establish what the problems are and what the parents/support team want to achieve. The clinician will then gather data/run tests that will help answer the presenting questions. Again, this will depend on the case.

Educational psychology and learning assessments may involve

  • Case history with parents
  • IQ testing
  • Tests of reading, writing, spelling, maths, memory and oral language
  • Tests of attention
  • Consultation with school staff

Behaviour and learning assessments may involve:

  • Case history with parents
  • Direct observations
  • Rating scales
  • Parent-led data collection (observations of behaviour, antecedents and consequences)
  • Consultation with school staff

Clinical psychology assessments may involve:

  • Case history
  • Direct observations
  • Rating scales

We aim to make the assessment stress-free and as straight forward as possible. Parents are welcome to stay in the room while the assessment is taking place.

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