Every person is unique.

We are committed to the person, not to the label or diagnosis. We help people transform behaviour, to develop more helpful and healthier habits, and to learn more effectively. Ultimately, we want our patients to act, think, feel and learn better.

We believe in a detailed assessment to understand strengths and weaknesses, and allow the individual and their support team to be honest with themselves about what they find hard so they can actively work towards overcoming hurdles.

Transforming behaviour and/or emotion starts with understanding how the person thinks, feels and acts now and how they want to think, feel and act in the future. We map out a precise plan for change that considers the goals and values of the individual and which also accounts for the people and environments around the individual.

We have clear ideas as to how to transform the way our patients act, think, feel, and learn. However, we collaborate with patients and their families to develop a plan that fits with their personal and cultural values and which is practical and manageable.

Feeling unsure about seeking help? It’s okay.

You might not know what to expect or there may be other reasons why you might feel uncertain. Don’t worry, we are listening and have a team of highly qualified and experienced health and education specialists ready to support you.

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