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Helping you to understand how and why you act and feel the way you do.

Understanding Minds is a clinic specialising in learning and behaviour.
Our approach looks at how we can learn new behaviours and skills and turn them into habits. Understanding Minds is led by psychologist Dr Craig Wright, who brings together highly qualified health and education specialists with experience in supporting children, youth, and adults with difficulties in learning, behaviour, and mental health.
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Why Understanding Minds?

Modern approach

Our approach is genuine, understanding, evidence-based and empowering. We need to understand all of the person, not just the diagnosis to support behaviour and learning. Understanding the person involves understanding other influences including their family and environment. We promote family/partner involvement and focus on attitudes and strategies that are specific to you and/or your child. It is essential for us that you receive personalised advice and support.

Why Understanding Minds?

Qualified Experts

Understanding Minds is led by Psychologist, Dr Craig Wright, who is one of Australia’s leading practitioners in learning and behavioural psychology. He published the first scientific paper on the effectiveness of virtual therapy with a focus on delivering reading interventions to rural and remote students. Craig brings together highly qualified health and education specialists with extensive experience in behaviour, child development, education, learning and mental health. Our team have skills and knowledge across a number of fields in behaviour cognition and mental health.

Why Understanding Minds?

Proven Results

We have a special interest in measuring outcomes, research, and education in the areas of learning and behavioural challenges. Our uniquely designed dyslexia and dysgraphia intervention programs have achieved positive results for students and have been the centre of several scientific studies.

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Our friendly therapists are available for in-person support at our Gold Coast clinics. We also provide virtual therapy and online support to clients nationally and internationally. Send us a message today, and we will get in contact!

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